Nausitz is a municipality in the eastern part of Thuringia Kyffhaeuser circle.


The place is located in the north of Thuringia in the southern tip of the Golden Meadows near the Unstrut at the foot of cricket. Surrounded is the basin of the Unstrut and helmets lowlands from the resin, the Kyffhaeuser and the High -cricket and another mountain range to the east.


Nausitz was first mentioned in 1157 in records under the name Nuseze when the monastery Pforta at Naumburg ( Saale) received two hooves land here.

In 1705 it came to the so-called war Nausitzer sheep. It was triggered when 150 Donndorfer and Kleinrodaer farmers the manor Nausitz stole 131 sheep, after seven years of dispute they had to return compensation 127 sheep and 224 dollars.

From 1816 Nausitz belonged to the district of Eckartsberga with the county seat Kölleda. In 1952, the county Artern the office.

Population Development

Development of the population (31 December):

  • 2002 - 205
  • 2003 - 200
  • 2004 - 195
  • 2007 - 179


Worth seeing in Nausitz is the landmarked St. John's Church from the 13th century. It has both Romanesque and Baroque styles. In the castle Munchausen, which was built in the late 17th century, now houses a museum with stucco demonstration workshop and soon a Belgian restaurant.