Raman District

Amphoe Raman ( Thai: อำเภอ รามัน ) is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district ) in the northeastern province of Yala. The Yala province is located southeast of the southern region of Thailand, at the border to Malaysia.


Adjacent counties and regions are (from north clockwise): Amphoe the Yarang, Thung Yang Daeng and Kapho Pattani Province, Amphoe Bacho and the Rueso Narathiwat province, as well as Amphoe Bannang Sata, Krong Pinang and Mueang Yala Yala province.


The name Raman is a Thai adaptation of " remanufactured ", the original name of Malay ( Jawi: رمان ). As there were a number of uprisings against the Siamese rule in the early 19th century, seven cities were ( Mueang ) separated to reduce the power of the Sultan of Pattani Pattani from the UK. Mueang Raman was one of those cities. Raman was 1917-1938 Kota Baru, after the seat of local government. Subsequently, in Amphoe Raman was changed back.


Approximately 19 km from the city of Yala is the waterfall Bu Ke Pilo (also Tawan Ratsami, น้ำตกบูเก๊ะปิโลหรือน้ำตกตะวันรัศมี), the case of intensive solar radiation, the rock lying under the water shows strong bright yellow.


Amphoe Raman is divided into 16 subdistricts ( tambon), which continued in 88 village communities ( Muban ) are divided.

There are two small towns ( thesaban tambon) in the district:

  • Kayu Boko consists of parts of the tambon Kayu Boko,
  • Kota Baru consists of the whole tambon Kota Baru.

There are also 15 " Tambon Administrative Organizations" (TAO, องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล - administrative organizations) in the district.