Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport

" Costa d' Amalfi "

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The airport Salerno- Pontecagnano (Italian: Aeroporto di Salerno- Pontecagnano " Costa d' Amalfi " ) is an Italian airport at Salerno.

Transport links

The airport is situated about twelve kilometers south-east of the city on the territory of the municipality Pontecagnano, on the coastal plain between Salerno and Battipaglia, on state road 18 and the motorway A3. There are bus services to the airport, a rail link is planned.


In the northeast of the airport there is a ramp and other facilities for general aviation, to the east of the area for commercial air transport with a small passenger terminal. To the south west there extends a currently 1,654 -meter-long airstrip, which is to be extended in the coming years to 2,020 meters. The runway has no parallel taxiway.

Transport development

There is a regional airport, the open up the southern Campania better, relieve some 50 km from Naples airport and to promote tourism on the nearby Amalfi Coast. The commercial success which has so far largely failed, is made ​​dependent on the planned extension of the take - off and landing runway. Flew was the airport between 2008 and 2010 of VolaSalerno and Air Dolomiti. 2010 and 2011 combined Alitalia Salerno at Rome and Milan. Seasonal charter flights offers, among other things, Danube Wings.


The Salerno airport was established in 1926 as a military airfield and used until 1943 mainly for training purposes. Pier Luigi Nervi built here including a hangar. After the Second World War German Army used it, the Carabinieri and the fire department. 1952, the Aero Club was founded in Salerno and later a school for skydivers. Landed here in 1962, the Kennedy family during a stay in Italy. From the 1980s, a new control tower was built, extended runway and expanded terminal facilities.