San Salvatore Monferrato

San Salvatore Monferrato ( Piedmontese San Salvador) is a municipality with 4429 (as of 31 December 2012) a population of Alessandria in the Italian province (AL ), Region Piedmont.

The municipality consists of the villages Fosseto, Piazzolo, Salcido, Valdolenga, Valparolo, Frescondino and San Salvatore Monferrato. The neighboring municipalities are Alessandria, Castelletto Monferrato, Lu, Mirabello Monferrato, Quargnento and Valenza.


The village lies at an altitude of 205 m above sea level. The municipality covers an area of ​​31.64 km ².


In San Salvatore Monferrato vines of Barbera for the Barbera d'Asti, a DOCG red wine are grown with status, as well as for the Barbera del Monferrato.