Santa Clara (Jujuy)

Santa Clara is the capital of the department of Santa Bárbara in the province of Jujuy in northwestern Argentina. The place is located in the Yungas on the eastern edge of the province at an altitude of 507 m. With 4883 inhabitants, it is the most populous city of the department of Santa Bárbara. Santa Clara was founded on December 5, 1920.



A much visited are the thermal springs of El Palmar ( Termas de El Palmar ). They are located 127 km from the provincial capital San Salvador de Jujuy on the western side of Cerro Santa Bárbara at an altitude of 825 meters. You can be reached after eight kilometers above the Ruta Provincial 1 behind El Piquete. The spas are nestled in a tropical jungle and rock ambience. Water temperatures are 22-49 degrees Celsius.