Tom Chilton

Thomas James " Tom" Chilton ( born March 15, 1985 in Reigate) is a British racing driver. He started from 2002 to 2011 in the British Touring Car Championship ( BTCC ). In 2012 he enters in the World Touring Car Championship ( WTCC). He is the older brother of the racer Max Chilton.


Chilton began his motorsport career in the T Cars. He went there in 2000 and 2001 and was third overall in both years. In 2002, he joined the British Touring Car Championship ( BTCC ) to Barwell Motorsport. He first drove a Vauxhall Astra Coupé. Already in his debut race, he scored his first podium placement with a third place. He finished the season in 15th place overall.

In 2003, Chilton to Arena Motorsport, who drove this season as Honda factory team with a Honda Civic Type -R. While his team-mate Matt Neal won five races and finished third to Chilton improved with a third place as the best placement on the ninth championship course. In 2004, he won his first race and finished the season with a total of two wins again in ninth place from. 2005 Chilton won four BTCC race. At the end of the season took the racer who did not compete for the season opener and finale, the fifth in the drivers' standings. In addition, he took part in long-distance races for Zytek. He went to the Le Mans Endurance Series at the start and won with Hayanari Shimoda a race. In the LMP1 standings he finished sixth. In the American Le Mans Series ( ALMS), he won, also together with Shimoda, also a race.

After Arena Motorsport had left the BTCC, joined Chilton 2006 VX Racing and received a new Vauxhall Astra. With a second place as best result he finished the season on top of the seventh. In 2007 he sang another season for VX Racing, Vauxhall Vectra from the use one this season. While his team-mate Fabrizio Giovanardi won the championship title, Chilton was awarded second place as best result ninth. In addition, he took up for Arena Motorsport to two races of the ALMS and the Le Mans Series. 2008 Chilton moved back into a Honda team and entered for the Team Dynamics in a Honda Civic in the BTCC at. With a win at the season finale he was tenth championship.

2009 Chilton returned to Arena Motorsport, with a Ford Focus went as Team Aon in the BTCC at the start. After he had achieved in the first half of the season only a few points, followed by the end of season three podium finishes. A victory was denied him, however. In the championship, he was 13 in 2010 won Chilton for Arena Motorsport starting three races and took a position behind his team-mate Tom Onslow - Cole fifth overall. 2011 remained at Chilton Arena Motorsport. He finished the season with two wins as the best pilot of his team off on the seventh championship course.

2012 Chilton goes for the Team Aon Ford Focus in the FIA World Touring Car Championship ( WTCC) at the start. After the second race weekend is a 13th place his best result.


Chilton's father Grahame Chilton is the deputy chairman of the U.S. company Aon Corporation. The company acts as sponsor of Tom Chilton.

Career stations

  • 2000: T Cars ( 3rd place)
  • 2001: T Cars ( 3rd place)
  • 2002: BTCC ( 15th place)
  • 2003: BTCC ( 9th place)
  • 2004: BTCC ( 9th place)
  • 2005: BTCC ( 5th place)
  • 2005: LMES, LMP1 ( 6th place)
  • 2005: ALMS, LMP1 ( 12th place)
  • 2006: BTCC ( 7th place)
  • 2007: BTCC ( 9th place)
  • 2007: Le Mans Series, LMP1 ( 12th place)
  • 2007: ALMS, LMP1 ( 13th)
  • 2008: BTCC ( place 10 )
  • 2009: BTCC ( 13th)
  • 2010: BTCC ( 5th place)
  • 2011: BTCC ( 7th place)
  • 2012: WTCC ( 22nd place)
  • 2013: WTCC ( 5th place)