Travis Moen

Travis Moen ( born April 6, 1982 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan ) is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He currently plays for the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League on the position of the left winger.


Moen began his career in 1998, at the age of 16 years, in the Saskatchewan Midget Hockey League with the team of his native town. At the end of the season he joined the Kelowna Rockets of the Western Hockey League game, for which he still played four games over the rest of the game this year. In the season 1999/2000 the Canadian was then an integral part of the team. In 66 matches, the rookie came to 15 points scorer and was selected in the subsequent summer during the NHL Entry Draft 2000 total 155 players in the fifth round by the Calgary Flames. Nevertheless Moen remained the next two years in Kelowna and has been improved gradually, although it turned large parts of the 2000/01 season due to injury. Above all, his aggressive style of play in the style of an Enforcer made ​​him a mainstay of the team.

For the 2002/03 season Moen joined the professional sector. But not in the organization of the Calgary Flames, who had drafted him, but to the Chicago Blackhawks, where he had signed a contract in the summer. This initially put him at the Norfolk Admirals, their farm team in the American Hockey League, where the Canadians came to missions in 42 encounters. Despite only three points scorer in the season, he managed over the season preparatory training camp Blackhawks a regular place in the squad of NHL teams to get for the season 2003/ 04. During the year, however, his game significantly negative plus / minus statistics graduated from the left winger all 82 season games in which he scored six points scorer, weaknesses in the defensive hinted. Due to the lockout in the 2004/ 05 NHL season Moen gained no further experiences in the NHL, but played again for Norfolk in the AHL. In his third year in the professional area he showed both on offense and on defense greatly improved, which resulted in the summer of 2006 that pledged him the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in exchange for the Swedish striker Michael Holmqvist.

On the U.S. West Coast Moen belonged at first to the NHL squad, denied due to a knee and shoulder injury and the great competition in the squad only 39 games. He posted in these games but five points scorer and was thus almost come close to his production from the 2003/04 season, in which he had accumulated more than twice the games. For 2006/ 07, the striker finally won a regular place in the starting lineup of the now renamed Anaheim Ducks franchise. Together with Samuel Påhlsson and Rob Niedermayer, he formed a very high-scoring third forward line, that was originally scheduled because of their defensive alignment for it to play against the best forward line of the opponent. After the three strikers had already taken care of in the regular season sensation, they were able to increase in the course of the playoffs once again and had contributed significantly to the first Stanley Cup - winning Ducks. Moen it was even reserved in the fifth game of the final series against the Ottawa Senators to achieve the launch winning goal. In the previously best season of his career, it brought the Canadians in 103 games in regular season and playoffs on 33 points. The following season was not as successful for both the Ducks and for Moen. Neither the Ducks had in the battle for the Stanley Cup chance, nor is it managed the striker on the performance of the preseason to tie. The 2008/09 season was similar, although the statistical values ​​Moens slightly improved again in the offensive area. Nevertheless, he was released in early March along with his teammate Kent Huskins to the rival San Jose Sharks. This transferred in return Timo Pielmeier, Nick Bonino and a conditional draft law between the second and fourth round of the NHL Entry Draft in 2011 to Anaheim. For the Sharks of Canadians played only 25 matches, including six in the playoffs, as he signed a three year contract with the Montreal Canadiens after the season.

Awards and achievements

  • 2007 Stanley Cup win with the Anaheim Ducks

Career Stats

( Key to Career statistics: Sp or GP = Games Played, T or G = goals scored, V or A = achieved assists; Pts or Pts = scored points scorer, SM or PIM = received penalty minutes, / - = Plus / Minus balance sheet; PP = scored majority gates; SH = scored shorthanded goals, GW = achieved victory gates; Play-downs/Relegation 1 )


Moen is since 2007 at Trent McCleary - Travis Moen involved Sports and Recreation Foundation - Patrick Marleau. This was established in 2001 by former NHL player Trent McCleary and Patrick Marleau as Trent McCleary - founded Patrick Marleau Sport and Recreation Foundation. You financially supports young people aged six to 18 years, so that their athletic potential can be promoted. McCleary, who had to end his career early due to an accident, Marleau and Moen stem from all or around Swift Current.