( Listen? / I ) Veendam is a municipality in the Dutch province of Groningen. With a land area of ​​78.71 km ² Veendam had on 1 January 2013 with a population of 27 909. The municipality consists of the main town of Veendam and the neighboring village Wildervank.

Location and economic

Veendam, a former bog colony (see: Fehnsiedlungen ), located about 20 km southeast of the provincial capital of Groningen. The since 1953 to serve only in the freight rail line to Zuidbrok - Groningen will sail again in passenger since 1 May 2011. A street car ( no highway ) connects the town with aces and Hoogezand.

In Veendam is the head office of the AVEBE Group. This large companies processed potatoes on a variety of products, including Potato starch. There are many smaller factories and trading companies, especially transport and Logistikunternehmen.Veendam is a regional shopping and supply center.


The place where Veendam is now, was already inhabited in the Neolithic period. As with all surrounding areas Veendam was in the 17th century, 1650-1655, as a settlement of peat cutters. 1791 was discovered near Veendam the bog body of Kibbelgaarn.

The building was built along Moor channels ( wijken ), which is still to be seen in today's townscape. In the 19th century Veendam was an important center of the inland waterways. The surrounding lands are particularly suitable for cultivation of industrial potatoes. This led to the founding of potato flour and starch factory AVEBE. Between 1950 and 1980, this industry weighed heavily on the environment, particularly by water pollution. Then, measures were taken that reduced the burden on the environment.

Veendam was the residence of Anthony Winkler Prins, the first encyclopedia written in Dutch from 1866 to 1882.


In Veendam football club SC Veendam was at home, who played in the Dutch second league, the Jupiler League. Your former stadium, with the dialect name embossed De Langeleegte, ( Dutch: " De Laagte long " German. The long valley, not literally, " the long emptiness" ) has approximately 6500 seats. In the 2008/2009 season of BV Veendam second last in the second division was. For reasons of insolvency gaming operations on April 2, 2013 has been set.


  • The Veenkoloniaal museum, archaeological exhibitions on the history of the area and peat extraction, art and other exhibitions, and a large collection findings
  • The recreation area Borgerwold


Sons and daughters of the town