Waltalingen, view from the castle

Waltalingen is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

Coat of arms



The municipality is located in northeastern tip Waltalingen the Canton of Zurich in Zurich's wine country. Together with the communities Oberstammheim and Unterstammheim it forms part of the scenic uniform Stammertals. 63 % of the municipality is used for agriculture, 28 % is covered by forest.


The SVP has 47.77 %, the glp 10.49%, the SP 8.88%, the Greens 7.28%, 7.12% BDP, the FDP 6.41%, 3.56%, the EPP, and the CVP 3.23% of the vote ( national election of 2011).

Mayor Martin Zuber ( SVP) (as of 2013).


  • High above the village on a Rebhügel perched Schwandegg castle.
  • In the church are partly well-preserved frescoes from the Middle Ages.
  • Above the hamlet Girsberg at Guntalingen the Girsberg Castle


Agriculture and wine are major lines of business in Waltalingen, along with local business has established itself.

Castle Schwandegg in Waltalingen

Waltaltingen and lock Schwandegg

Church of the East with covered stair tower

Medieval frescoes in the church

Girsberg Castle at Guntalingen