Berg am Irchel

Mount the Irschel

Mount the Irschel is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

The civil parish of the village Gräslikon is canceled in the next few years, and fused with the political community.

Coat of arms



The mountain is part of the municipality of Zurich's wine country and lies on the southwest border of the district Andelfingen. Above- the Thur plain terrain terrace of the Irschel mountain rises to the south, uplifting Irchel.



Mayor is Leo Schmid (as of 2013).


Secured the first mentioned in historical documents mountains is transfers in year 1243. 1268 Ida depths of the Kloster Kappel jurisdiction over the mountain. According to the Memorabilia Tigurina possessed the chapter Embrach the lower courts and the right to the basic tithe of the 14th century. These rights were transferred to Zurich after the Reformation. In the 17th century was the seat of a mountain landvögtlichen own court.

In the years 1938/40, the fortress was built in Ebersberg the sandstone layer of the Ebersbergs to prevent enemy troops from crossing the Rhine or stop for a certain period.

Bird show mountain the Irschel

The bird show was founded in 1956. In collaboration with the Zurich Animal Hospital and the Ornithological a sanctuary for birds of prey has emerged. The nursing station is located on the site of the former tithe house of the monastery Rheinau. In 2008, the station in the PanEco was integrated. Since its founding more than 3,000 raptors were tended and their care documented ( as of 2010). Thus, the station has scientific material for birds of prey population in the Zürcher Weinland. In addition to the birds of prey Bird Care Station operates species conservation, especially of rare birds of prey, environmental education, guides, advice and injury prevention.


Center of the village of Berg am Irchel

Hofgut Eigenthal

Castle Eigenthal