Andelfingen District

The district Andelfingen is a rural district in the northeast of the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The area is also known as the Zürcher Weinland.


The district Andelfingen includes most of the Zürcher Weinland. It extends to the northwest and north of the city of Winterthur, on the east by the canton of Thurgau and is in the north and north-east of the Rhine and bounded on the west by the forested hills of the Irchels. From southeast to northwest the Thur flows through to its confluence with the Rhine the whole district. In the extreme north of the district is located on the border with the Canton Schaffhausen the Rhine Falls.


Changes in the community inventory

Communities to 1877

Communities to 1878

Communities to 1969

Communities by 2012

  • 2013: Merger hamlet "Upper Hueb " of the community book the Irschel → Neftenbach

Civil parishes

By the end of 2009 following civil parishes were:

  • Gräslikon ( Political Gemeindeberg the Irschel )
  • Guntalingen ( Political community Waltalingen )
  • Trüllikon ( Political community Trüllikon )
  • Wildensbuch ( Political community Trüllikon )

The civil parish Rudolfingen was dissolved on January 1, 2008, and went on in the political community Trüllikon.