World Matchplay (darts)

The World Matchplay is a major tournament in darts, which will be held every year since 1994 at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool by the Professional Darts Corporation ( PDC). Record winner of the World Matchplay with 14 victories in 20 sweeps Phil Taylor.

The World Matchplay is taken into account when calculating the PDC Order of Merit.

Tournament mode

In this carried out in the knockout system tournament with 32 participants each game is played in Legs. In the first round ten legs must be won through to the final increases the number of winning Legs per lap, in the final will be played with 18 Gewinnlegs.

By 2012, the World Matchplay different from other Dartturnieren in that no decision- Leg was applied. Instead, it was played until a player was able to play out a lead of two legs. This regulation was amended in 2013. The number of extra legs, in which a player may challenge this decision by a margin of two Legs is, since limited to five. A decision is then optionally Leg played corresponding to a sudden death.