Yamaha FZX750

Yamaha Fazer is the name given to a number of motorcycle models of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha category Sports Tourer, which are widely used because of its sporty design, the practicality and comparatively low price.

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Model history

The term Fazer comes from the English verb to faze what translated means as much as ' angry ', ' harass ', ' disturbing ' or ' discouraged ' and is probably an allusion to the former top dogs in the 600 class, where the FZS600 in their introduced in 1998 should stand up.

FZX 700/750

The name " Fazer " first appeared, however, already in 1985 in the Yamaha Fazer 750 FZX on. This model was the " Urfazermodell " with the new five -valve technology, but not had much to do with the later Fazer models, but at that time was rather a small version of the Yamaha V- Max and was mainly for the U.S., but also for the European market nicknamed Fazer. The FZX had in the U.S., only 700 cm3, compared to the European version with 750 cm3.


The Fazer, as it is known today, was introduced in 1998 as FZS600 Fazer and the Yamaha XJ sparked an entry model from Yamaha. She received, as did the YZF600, with which it shares a number of components, the revised engine from the Yamaha FZR, an instrument cluster with two trip meters and clock, a comfortable padded seat, an ergonomically better shaped handlebars and new colors.

The 2001 vintage was marked a new color range before 2002, the front fascia has been redesigned. The " snub nose" gave way to a modern molded half-shell (or " long nose " called ) similar to the FZS1000. This last facelift was associated with extensive technical changes: two 60/55 watt headlight with a separate parking light, 22 -gallon tank with an adapted form ( for lining ), 5- way adjustable hand brake lever, new throttle cable, new protection of the rear brake hose, stainless steel exhaust system ( manifold continue matt black ), longer mirror bracket, new radiator, tachometer centrally in the cockpit next to the speedometer, six-digit odometer and two trip meter, digital clock on the dial of the rev counter, changed holder of the chain guard on the swingarm, other wire harness and electrical parts (relays, Lima etc. ), modified carburetor tuning.


The ' big sister ', the FZS1000 Fazer, was released in 2001 with type code RN06 as tour USEFULLY offshoot of the Yamaha YZF- R1, the 1999 model which also donated the engine and the hefty fixed caliper brakes. The engine was slightly modified in favor gutmütigeren behavior and more torque.

From model year 2003 made ​​as part of the facelift some minor technical updates as firmer fork springs or permanent lighting ( previously controlled by a switch on the handlebar ). In addition, the offer was changed to colors. For example, instead of DPBMC Blue now the darker DPBML 'Galaxy Blue' or instead of black the unique for this vintage yellow-black (see picture right). With the recent facelift in 2005 ( code RN14 ) the FZS1000 received an unregulated catalyst and a modified control the EXUP system.


2004 saw the 600 completely redesigned under the name FZ6 Fazer out, which was offered as a FZ6 -N without disguise. The N may be well understood in this context as an abbreviation for naked. The type code for the model years 2004-2006 is RJ07. The FZ6 was powered by a modified engine of the Yamaha YZF- R6. The most important innovation here: multipoint fuel injection instead of carburetors. From model year 2006, the FZ6 ABS was standard on board. With the 2007 model year, it also received a controlled catalytic converter ( Euro 3) and was reduced to 78 hp. There were still 98 hp with the FZ6 Fazer S2, which have been revised for fairing, swingarm, seat and footpegs. This got to the front one-piece brake calipers and the same Tacho-/Drehzahlmesserelement (analog tachometer, digital speedometer ) as the FZ1. It should be noted that both models (S2 and not -S2) from model year 2007, the type code RJ14. With model year 2008, the FZ6 -N was available as an S2 variant. From model year 2009, there were only the S2 models.


The FZS1000 2006 was superseded by the FZ1 (type code RN16 ). Most important new features compared to its predecessor are an injection instead of carburetors, a 43mm upside-down fork and an aluminum die- cast frame, which integrates the engine as a stressed member.

The FZ1 is - as is the FZ6- with cladding (as FZ1 Fazer ) and without disguise (as FZ1 -N). As a basis for the engine in turn is optimized to more touring capability unit the 2005 Yamaha YZF- R1.

From model year 2007 the FZ1 in new colors and the FZ1 -S Fazer with ABS. The 2008 vintage in turn comes up with new colors (including white for the FZ1 -N). Another important change is a change in ignition to eliminate the much criticized response to load change.


In 2010, the FZ6 was replaced by the new FZ8. see






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Typ-/Modellcodes FZS600

Typ-/Modellcodes FZ6

Typ-/Modellcodes FZS1000

Typ-/Modellcodes FZ1

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