Yamaha YZF-R125

The YZF- R125 is available since 2008 Leichtkraftrad the company Yamaha.


The opportunity to work with the Yamaha YZF- R125 age of 16 to use the A1 license a Yamaha R-series on European roads, the bike makes it very popular especially among young people. 2012 was the YZF- R 125 show with 1,414 pieces in second place in the list of registrations of new light motorcycles.

It is produced to a large extent on the Yamaha subsidiary of MBK in France. The design and suspension geometry similar to the Yamaha YZF- R6. The YZF- R125 has as its big brother, a steel Deltabox frame and an aluminum swingarm.

ABS is not available for the YZF- R125.

The compared to the competitors relatively short Ölwechselinvervallen of 3000 miles and the resulting higher maintenance costs is offset by a relatively high resale value.

Is criticized by the press at the original equipment Michelin Pilot Sporty, since the tire especially when wet provides little grip and so just for novice drivers has not unproblematic handling. Yamaha emphasizes the long life of the tire. The Pilot Sporty is to competing products like Bridgestone or Pirelli comparatively cheap.



Due to the driving license directive of 19 January 2013, the YZF- R125 is shipped unthrottled in Germany since the 2013 model year.


For the model year 2014, the YZF- R125 underwent an extensive facelift. The main changes:

  • The panel has been redesigned and visually leans to the new YZF- R6. The air intake is now located between the headlights. The front fender was redesigned in carbon look.
  • Upside -down telescopic fork
  • Modified lever linkage on the rear spring strut
  • Radially mounted caliper with floating-fit disk
  • Lighter wheels
  • Modified injection system
  • Modified silencer
  • Changed multifunction cockpit
  • Modified taillight and license plate bracket shorter