Yamaha YBR125

The Yamaha YBR125 is a light motorcycle category rounder of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha.

The YBR125 was originally introduced in South America in 2000. The motorcycle is manufactured and assembled in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, and is designed both for the market in Brazil and export to Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Italy and Turkey.

Many of the imported to Europe motorcycles are made in China. This variant was originally designed for the Chinese market. It was introduced in China in 2003, to 2005, 200,000 motorcycles were sold. By 2006, destined for Germany YBR 125 were assembled in France in the Yamaha subsidiary MBK. Since the introduction of the fuel injected version (2007 ) are also given for Germany motorcycles from China.


From the YBR125 ( model 2006 ), there was also a version called " Diversion " with half fairing. This version is no longer being offered in Germany.

Specifications (Model 2008)


The YBR125 is often used as a motorcycle driving school to obtain the license class A1. However, this requires training rides over 100km / h, which does not reach the YBR125. Therefore, a so-called driving school kit is available through which a performance increase of around 0.74 kW (1 HP ) is reached. Thereby, the top speed increased to 110 km / h