Yamaha TRX 850

The Yamaha TRX 850 ( internal model designation " 4UN " ) is a motorcycle model of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha.

Model characteristics

It was built between 1995 and 1999. The 1995 model year was only on the Japanese market and differs from the subsequent years of construction by another brake system and a different engine tuning ( with a little less power). The TRX 850 was built almost unchanged in the construction years 1996 to 1999. The only known changes (in addition to different colors ) were the use of harder valves manufactured in 1997 and a shorter gear ratio in 1st gear for model year 1999.

The TRX 850 has a parallel twin with 850 cc displacement and a trellis frame. The TRX motor is in its base related to the engine of the Yamaha TDM 850 (Version 4TX ). With their hand-welded tubular frame and an unusual firing interval of 270 degrees, which is responsible for an Italian exhaust stroke, the TRX 850 was clearly positioned against the Ducati 900 SS.

The machine is in driver circuits sometimes called " Trixxe " or " Trixie ".

Soon after the launch of the Yamaha TRX Honda VTR 1000 ( Firestorm ) and the Suzuki TL 1000 were presented as representative of a new class of strong two-cylinder Japanese public. These two models and the now published Ducati 916 also offered significantly more power.