2005 Cadillac DTS Presidential State Car (United States)

The Cadillac DTS Presidential State Car ( 2005) was the official state car of the U.S. President George W. Bush during his tenure. Analogous to the aircraft used by the President of Air Force One is colloquially called Cadillac One, the presidential limousine. This model has been replaced by a newer model at the inauguration of Barack Obama on 20 January 2009; However, the two copies are still built as a replacement vehicles in use.

Technical data and equipment

The model is a 2005 hand-made, armored version of the Cadillac DTS stretch limousine ( DeVille Touring Sedan), which was built on an all-wheel drive chassis of GM. The car was of Centigon (formerly O'Gara, Hess & Eisenhardt ) equipped. The vehicle model was first used at the inauguration of George W. Bush on 20 January 2005.

Most special installations ensure the safety of the President. It has a high roof line, derived from an Cadillac Escalade wheel drive, red and blue emergency vehicle lights in the grille and red strobe lights in the headlights and rear brake lights. The standard door handles were replaced by those with larger loops. The vehicle is armored around 127 mm thick according to military standards. The windows are not open and the wheels are fitted with run-flat tires. Five antennas are mounted on the trunk lid. Because of the thick discs penetrates very little light from the outside, so that the brightness is provided by a fluorescent ring light in the roof lining.

The car has seven seats including for the president. Front two people can sit in the center console and a communication system is installed. A sheet of glass separating the driver's compartment from the passenger compartment. Back there are three rearward-facing seats that are equipped with pillows that can be folded against the partition. The two rear seats are reserved for the president and a companion. Your backrest can be adjusted individually. A table can be folded between the two rear rows of seats. Shelves contain communications equipment.

Use 2005-2009

For trips within the Cadillac One showed the flag of the United States, and the standard of the President, which are illuminated by gas discharge lamps on the hood. The state carriage was transported in operations at home and abroad by plane, usually from a C -17 Globemaster III to the U.S. Air Force. In State Visit of the President abroad, the standard of the president has been replaced by a flag of the host country.


On January 6, 2009, it was announced that for the inauguration of Barack Obama on 20 January 2009, a new, modified Cadillac model was used from 2009. On this day, the car was replaced by the Cadillac Presidential State Car of 2009. Both vehicles remain in the fleet of the President and serve as replacement vehicles.