Cadillac Cimarron

Cadillac Cimarron (1986-1988)

The Cadillac Cimarron was a until the summer of 1988 produced by early 1982 vehicle of the U.S. car manufacturer Cadillac. The Cimarron was part of General Motors' J -car family to the Opel Ascona C was in Germany, and was based on the Chevrolet Cavalier.

Model history

1982: Start of the Cimarron as BMW and Mercedes- competitor. It was with a vehicle length of 440 cm for the smallest ever built Cadillac Chevrolet Cavalier corresponded to its upscale amenities and an independent front end with the typical Cadillac grille. The decision to build the Cimarron fell late, so missed the Cadillac - people, the time for deeper changes. From the Cavalier came also the 1.8-liter with 65 kW ( 89 hp ), which provided in conjunction with the long final drive ratio ( 3,65:1 ) for only moderate performance, especially in combination with the three- speed automatic transmission, the desired four-speed manual transmission replaced. The Cimarron was the first Cadillac with four-cylinder engine since 1914 and the first with standard manual transmission since 1953. The base price was initially at 12,181 U.S. dollars ( and thus corresponded to that of a Cavalier with appropriate equipment ). Standard have included air conditioning, alloy wheels with wide tires, leather seats with lumbar support, a stereo radio, and other extras. The press was divided on the Cimarron. Although they praised the fact that Cadillac leave familiar paths, but took the price and especially the weak performance for thought.

1983: In place of the 1.8 - liter four-speed transmission along with a two-liter four-cylinder (65 kW/89 hp) with fuel injection and a five-speed gearbox to improve the performance. The operation is only partially successful. Special model Cimarron d' Oro with a black finish and gold accents.

1984: Slight changed grille, Cimarron d' Oro continue in the program. Otherwise no changes.

1985: For an additional charge there from the beginning of 1985 the 2.8-liter V6 from Chevrolet with 93 kW ( 127 hp ) in the Cimarron, but the two-liter remains in the offer. At the same time the front end is revised.

1986: New rear end, with side wrap-around lights, optional Bilstein sports suspension ( standard on the V6) and digital instruments. Cimarron d' Oro with wide rectangular headlights, base model continues with the small rectangular dual headlights.

1987: Elimination of the four- cylinder, V6 with five-speed transmission is now standard, as rectangular wide-band headlamps. Elimination of the Cimarron d' Oro.

1988: Detail changes of a technical nature, the production runs from the end of the model year.


1982: 25 968

1983: 19,194

1984: 21,898

1985: 19,890

1986: 24,534

1987: 14,561

1988: 6,454

Total: 132 499 copies.


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