Cadillac Commercial Chassis

The Cadillac commercial chassis was basically an amplified version of the chassis of the Pullman Limousine Cadillac Fleetwood, which was designed to carry the greater weight of hearse and ambulance bodies. Commercial the chassis was much lower than the frame of the respective cars so that the back of the construction could be lower and the loading and unloading was relieved. It was delivered as semi-finished car at the wheelwright businesses and completed there. It consisted of the complete chassis with drive components of the body to the windshield, dashboard, air conditioning (if ordered) and the main controls. The rear fender and the front doors were shipped loose for later processing at the coachbuilder.

Since Cadillac used self-supporting bodies, the corpses and ambulances often - though not always - made ​​from modified sedans. The valid since 1979 Technical regulations for automobiles in the United States and Canada require a higher load carrying capacity of these vehicles and thus marked the end of the car -based ambulances. Today they are built in North America exclusively on the basis of van.

Pop culture

Earlier corpses and ambulances end either by collectors or to be rebuilt. You see them often at Halloween celebrations or Art Cars.

A Superior hearse goes even daily for a Hair Salon in Houston (Texas ) (see top photo ).

The " Ecto 1" of Ghostbusters was a modified Leichen-/Krankenwagenkombination on a Cadillac commercial chassis from 1959.

Pictures of Cadillac Commercial Chassis