Cadillac Orleans

The Cadillac Orleans was a concept car that developed the Cadillac division of General Motors for the automotive exhibition in 1953. He was the first four-door hardtop. With a hardtop there is no B -pillar, as in most contemporary series models. The Orleans was powered by a V8 engine with an output of 210 bhp (154 kW) and was never produced in series. The new features of this construction were recycled in 1956 at Sedan DeVille. The car also had suicide doors, a panoramic windscreen, air conditioning and various safety devices. Thus, the door could be opened only when the automatic gear selector in the "N" state. Another luxury detail was an inverter with transformer and a standard household outlet that allowed the use of normal electrical appliances in the car. In a bin in the back of the car, a razor, a vanity case and a mirror were housed.