Cadillac Sixteen

Cadillac Sixteen concept car

The Cadillac Sixteen is a prototype of an elegant high-performance cars, the Cadillac built in 2003.

The car is equipped with a specially developed for this model of Cadillac 13.6 -liter V16 engine with 32 valves and a four-stage, electronically controlled automatic transmission ( 4-speed Hydra -Matic 4L85 ) and is driven by the rear wheels. The engine has a cylinder deactivation and may imperceptibly turn off 8 or 12 of the cylinder 16 while driving if their services are not required .. All 16 cylinders were used only at full acceleration. With this intelligent system the car spent 11.8 l/100 km. The naturally aspirated engine to deliver 1000 hp ( 735 kW). The top speed is 250 km / h at minimum power. Can accelerate the vehicle in 3.7 seconds from 0-100 km / h The torque of 1355 Nm at 4300/min.

The design of the vehicle based on the Cadillac V16 from the 1930s. The actual construction was a combination of Cadillac's Art and Science design to current topic and echoes of the Cadillac Eldorado from 1967. Additional design elements emerged from an in-house competition under the direction of GM Vice Chairman Robert A. Lutz. The Sixteen has an out -milled from a solid crystal logo on the steering wheel and a Bulgari clock on the dashboard.

Although the Sixteen did not make it to series production, plays his legacy at the product- planning of Cadillac an important role. The next generation of Cadillacs, especially the revised CTS, have elements of the Sixteen construction. Since 2005, there are rumors that a smaller version of the Sixteen as ULS ( Ultralight Sedan) or XLS ( Extra Light Sedan) with a V8 engine or on request V12 engine to be built, which was neither denied nor confirmed by GM. For 2010, a new model of representation was announced, but said it was not clear to what extent it would be similar to the Sixteen. In 2011, it has not yet been presented.

Pictures of Cadillac Sixteen