Cadillac Calais

Cadillac DeVille (except for interior identical to Calais ), model 1972

The Cadillac Calais is a 1964-1976 built model of the U.S. car manufacturer Cadillac.

Model history

For the model year 1965, the Calais replaced the existing Cadillac entry level Series 62 About the Calais ranked in the Cadillac program, the DeVille models on an identical wheelbase, but with richer features, as well as the Cadillac Sixty Special sedan on a longer wheelbase and the even longer state limousines the Series 75

With the model change to the vintage 1965 Cadillac models were given instead of the X - frame used since 1958, again a traditional ladder frame. When introduced in the Calais was available as a two-door hardtop coupe and four-door sedan with or without B-pillars. The drive took a seven- liter V8 and a Turbo Hydra-Matic -called three -speed automatic. The facilities of Calais was a little less lush than in the case of the more expensive DeVille, which he undercut in price by about $ 360, but was more than enough for the time and ranged from power brakes using adjustable from inside outside rear view mirrors to seat belts front and rear. The Calais was to be had from $ 5,059 - a level of equipment of similar, but much weaker and smaller Mercedes 300 SE about cost in the U.S. at the same time $ 8662.

In 1969, the V8 grew to a displacement of 7.7 liters and the four-door B -pillar sedan accounted for. 1972 were generally replaces the traditional hp SAE net horsepower figures by General Motors; the 7.7 -liter was now given as 223 instead of 375 hp.

In 1974 a larger facelift in its train the coupe received a new roofline with B-pillars. The hardtop sedan now had small side windows in the C-pillars. The 7.7 -liter four -barrel carburetor made ​​with only 208 hp. From model year 1975 was installed in all big Cadillac models, originally from the Eldorado 8.2 -liter V8 ( 193 hp ); From March 1975, the machine was available at extra cost ($ 600) with electronic fuel injection and 218 hp.

With the reduction of the classic Cadillac models for model year 1977, the Calais, which was entered in terms of sales over the years in favor of the DeVille more and more into the background, was abandoned.


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