2013–14 Scottish Premiership

The Scottish Premiership 2013/14 is the first hosting of the highest Scottish football league of gentlemen since its founding in 2013. The League will be held from the Scottish Football Association. The season started on August 2, 2013, and is expected to end on 11 May 2014. In the new season, it is after the first round and the final second round with the championship and relegation play-offs relegation matches between the Elftplatzierten and the Second, Third and Fourth enter the Championship. This had last been in the highest Scottish football league in the season 1996/97.

As a newly promoted from the First Division Partick Thistle came into the Premiership. As defending champion Celtic Glasgow started in the season. Just seven games before the end of the season Celtic could successfully defend the title from the previous year by a 5-1 away win against Partick Thistle. It was also the third championship result for the club, as well as the total of 45 in the club's history since the first title in the season 1892 /93.

  • 3.1 Championship play-offs
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  • 3.3 relegation play -offs
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First round


2nd round

Championship play-offs


Descent play-offs


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