2013–14 Belgian Pro League

The First Division 2013/14 is the 111th season of the highest Belgian league in men's football. It began on 26 July 2013 and will end in May 2014. Defending champion RSC Anderlecht.

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Regular Season

The 16 teams play first in a double round of the regular season. The final table is used as the basis for the qualifying rounds at different placement.

The top six teams reached the championship round, the teams in positions seven to fourteen play for a possible international launch site. The two last-place teams will play in the relegation. It should be noted that in the championship round half the number of points is transferred from the 30 matches of the preliminary round, so that the other encounters may cause only minor changes depending on the situation in the table in part.


Cross Table

Placement rounds

Championship round

The top six clubs in the regular season to reach the championship round, which will be played in a double round. The participating teams will each receive half of the points scored in the regular season credited. In half points will be rounded up to the next highest score. In case of equality of half point will be deducted at the teams in question again.

The table first and the second are 2014/15 qualified for the UEFA Champions League, while third one starting place in the UEFA Europa League 2014/15 is replaced. The fourth prize contests, in return game a playoff game against the winner of the play-off round. The teams ranked five and six are not internationally qualified.


Cross Table


The teams that have reached the courts seven to fourteen in the regular season will qualify for the play-offs. The eight participating clubs are each charged with four teams divided according to their rankings in two groups ( group A: 7, 9, 12, 14 - Group B: 8, 10, 11, 13), in each of which a double round is played.

The two group winners will then determine in a return match the participants in the Europa League playoffs. There he plays against the fourth-placed round the master for a starting place in the UEFA Europa League 2014 /15 campaign.

Group A

Group B


Final Games

The two group winners will determine, in home and away matches the participants in the Europa League playoffs.

Europa League Playoff

The winner of the finals and the fourth place in the championship round to determine round-trip games a participant in the 2nd qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League 2014 /15 campaign.


The last and Vorletztplatzierte the regular season contest the play-offs. It will be played five games between the two teams. Here, the penultimate of the regular season will receive a bonus of three points and a home game may additionally deliver more than the last. The winner then denies an additional Relegation round with three teams from the second division, in which only the winner of the First Division qualified. The loser of relegation, however, increases from right in the second division.


Cross Table

Top scorers