Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA railway station


The Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA railway station is a through station, the Dutch railway company NS in the southeast of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. She is one of the largest stations in the Netherlands.


The first station under the name " Bijlmer Station", was opened in 1971 and was then a small stop at the still circulating on street level rail line from Amsterdam to Arnhem. In March 1976 the railway line was laid in high position, which is also a new building of the station became necessary. The opening of the station took place in October 1977. From then on, it was called " Amsterdam Bijlmer " and housed four tracks, of which two were for the regular trains and two for the metro. The construction of the station began today in 2000. The official opening took place on 17 November 2007, from then on wore the station also its present name. The first trains since December 10, 2006, at the station, but not all the trains running on the route trains. The station consists of eight tracks since then, two of which again accounted for the Metro, the other six for local and long distance. In December also opened a large bus terminal beneath the station.


The station is located about 9 km south-east of Amsterdam Central Station. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the eponymous Amsterdam ArenA in the district Zuidoost.


The station is a through station, which houses eight tracks on five platforms. On the tracks 1-3 and 6-8 hold the local and long-distance trains, the metro lines 50 and 54 stop at the tracks 4 and 5 in the middle of the station. The cost of building the station amounted to approximately 150 million euros.

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