Aichal ( jakut. and Russian Айхал, the Yakut word stands for "Glory ") is a mining town in the Russian Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia). It has the status of an urban-type settlement and has 13.727 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The place is in Wiljui Basin, about 60 km south of the city Udatschny and the Arctic Circle and 500 km north-east of Rajonverwaltungszentrums Mirny.

Near the city runs the river Sochsoloch. Translated from the Yakut, the name means " river of death ". According to a legend, there are countless reindeer while attempting to cross the river on the ice to thin, drowned.


The settlement was founded in 1961 in the wake of the discovery and development of Kimberlitschlotes " Aichal ". In 1962 she was awarded the status of an urban-type settlement. In 1985, 20 km of Aichal another mine, " Jubileinaja " was removed ( Юбилейная ) opened.


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Based on the 1960 discovered kimberlite diamonds are mined to Aichal from ALROSA in the mines " Aichal " and " Jubileinaja ". The reduction takes place in the open pit operation. In the " Factory No. 14" of the place, the ores are enriched.