Don Mueang District

Don Mueang ( Thai ดอนเมือง, different spelling: Don Muang, pronunciation: [ dɔ ː n mʉaŋ ] ) is one of the 50 districts (Khet ) of Bangkok, capital of Thailand. Don Mueang is the northernmost district of the capital, known for its former international airport.


The neighboring districts are from clockwise from the North: Amphoe Mueang and Amphoe Lam Luk Ka of Pathum Thani Province, and the following Khet Bangkok: Sai Mai, Bang Khen and Lak Si. To the west lies Pak Kret, Nonthaburi Province.


Don Mueang was once a part of Bang Khen, but in 1989 a separate district. Later in 1997 the southern part of Don Mueang was separated to form the new District Lak Si.

The old name of this area was Don E Yeo ( ดอน อี เหยี่ยว ), which Eagle and Vulture plateau means, since many of these birds lived. The new name was given to the district by the king, as the Royal Thai Air Force was located here.


  • Airport Bangkok Don Mueang
  • Royal Thai Air Force Museum


The district had originally only one sub-district ( Kwaeng ), which was split into three sub-districts in 2009:

Parish council

The council of the district of Don Mueang has eight members, each member shall be elected for four years. The last election was held on 30 April 2006 the results. :

  • Chart Thai Party - 7 seats
  • Thai Rak Thai Party - 1 seat