Nonthaburi Province

Nonthaburi ( Thai: นนทบุรี, [ nont ʰ áʔbūrī ː ] ) is a province ( Changwat ) in the central region of Thailand, it is located directly north of the capital Bangkok. The provincial capital is also called Nonthaburi Nonthaburi.


Nonthaburi is located directly north of the capital Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. The province is part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Nonthaburi is largely urbanized, as well as Bangkok, the border to Bangkok is almost not recognizable.


The city of Nonthaburi has existed since the 16th century when the place Talat Khwan became a town. Under King Prasat Thong was lifted from a channel, which represented an abbreviation of the Chao Phraya River and the river took a new bed and still does. King Narai made ​​in 1665 to build a fort here since the new run of the Chao Phraya their way to eliminate the effects of capital Ayutthaya very shortened. The city of Nonthaburi was then settled near the fort.

From 1943 to 1946, the province was a part of Bangkok. In the context of industrialization and the rapid growth of the Bangkok Nonthaburi Province is almost entirely urbanized since the 1980s, and grew together with the metropolis without its limits would still recognizable. Numerous companies have settled for lack of space held in Bangkok in Nonthaburi Province. The population has also grown rapidly.



For the province, the following land use is documented:

  • Forest area: -
  • The utilized agricultural area: 176 302 Rai (282 km ²), 45.3 % of the total
  • Not classified area: 212 637 rai ( 340.2 km ²), 54.7 % of the total

Numerous companies have settled here because of the proximity to the metropolis of Bangkok. With The Mall Ngamwongwan located in Nonthaburi one of the largest shopping centers in Bangkok.


  • In a loop of the Chao Phraya River about 4 km ² large island of Ko Kret is. The island is formed in the north, west and south of the original course of the Chao Phraya River, the eastern shore forms a canal that was dug already in 1721. Ferries depart regularly from the city of Nonthaburi to car-free island, which is inhabited exclusively by people of the ethnic group of the Mon. Thai Tourists love the traditional pottery of the Mon, who are here to buy in a particular quality.
  • Wat Phra Kiat Chaloem
  • Wat Khema Phirataram
  • Wat Prasat
  • Wat Chomphuwek
  • Wat Ku
  • Paramaiyikawat Wat ( Wat Mon)
  • Wat Chonprathan Rangsarit


The seal of the province shows a clay pot, a traditional product of the Mon of Nonthaburi.

The local tree and the local flower are the Yellow Flamboyant ( Peltophorum pterocarpum ).

The motto of the province of Nonthaburi is:

Administrative units

The province is divided into 6 districts ( Amphoe ), 52 communes ( tambon) and 309 villages ( Muban ).

In the province there are in addition to the two major cities ( เทศบาล นคร - thesaban Nakhon ) Nonthaburi ( เทศบาล นคร นนทบุรี ) and Pak Kret ( เทศบาล นคร ปากเกร็ด ) four other cities ( เทศบาล เมือง - thesaban Mueang ):

  • Bang Sri Muang ( เทศบาล เมือง บางศรีเมือง )
  • Bang Kruai ( เทศบาล เมือง บางกรวย )
  • Bang Bua Thong ( เทศบาล เมือง บางบัวทอง ) and
  • Phimon Council ( เทศบาล เมือง พิมล ราช ).

In addition, there are eleven small towns ( เทศบาล ตำบล - thesaban tambon).


In Nonthaburi Province is the notorious prison of Bang Kwang in which prisoners coming back to death, such as Christoph von Hohenlohe. The embassies of the EU member states provide the supply of vitamins and food supplements for their nationals sentenced sure to let them stay alive.