Lamphun Province

Lamphun ( Thai: ลำพูน, [ ʰ ū ː lām.p n]) is a province ( Changwat ) in the northern region of Thailand. The capital of the province of Lamphun Lamphun is also called.

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The province is located about 650 kilometers north of the capital Bangkok and 25 kilometers south of Chiang Mai.

The foothills of the Himalayas dominate the landscape of the province, which is drained by the Maenam Ping ( Ping River ).


The climate is tropical with temperate monsunal influences. Temperatures range from up to 38 ° C in the hot months before the rains and near freezing in the clear nights of winter. The maximum temperature in 2008 was 40.5 ° C, the lowest temperature was measured at 9.3 ° C. At 97 days of rain fell in the same year 737.2 mm of rainfall.


The city of Lamphun was founded around 660 as Hariphunchai and was the capital of the northernmost Mon kingdom. The region came around 1000 under the control of the Khmer until it was finally conquered in 1283 by Meng Rai which they incorporated it into his newly founded kingdom of Lan Na.

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In 2009, the "Gross Provincial Product" was (gross domestic product ) of the province 63 731 million baht. The official minimum wage in the province since April 1, 2012 is 236 baht per day ( about 5 euros ).

The province has 1,988 factories with 78,338 workers (as of 2010 ), and thus a relatively high industrial sector.


Land use

For the province, the following land use is documented:

  • Forest area: 1.61028 million Rai ( 2576.5 km ²), 57.2 % of the total
  • The utilized agricultural area: 542 498 rai ( 868.0 km ²), 19.3 nbsp; % of the total
  • Not classified area: 663 398 Rai ( 1061.4 km ²), 23.6 % of the total



Lamphun has no airport, the closest airport is in Chiang Mai.

Rail traffic

The province has six stations: Sao Pa, Lamphun, Nong Lom, Sala Mae Tha, Tha Chompoo and Khun Tan.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the province shows the well-known golden chedi of Wat Phrathat Haripunchai, the main temple of Lamphun. The Chedi will also house the relics of Buddha.

The local plant is the Palasabaum ( Butea monosperma ) as well as the rain tree ( Samanea saman ).

The motto of the province of Lamphun is:


  • Wat Phra That Hariphunchai - in 1100 on the site of the former royal palace built Buddhist temple ( wat) in the Lamphun on the river Kwang, seen from afar is the 46 meters high, covered with gold leaf Chedi
  • Chamadevi Wat - buddhist temple with stepped pyramidal Chedi from the Mon - Time
  • Lamphun National Museum
  • National Park Mae Ping

Administrative units

The Lamphun province is divided into eight districts ( Amphoe ). The circles are further subdivided into 51 communes ( tambon) and 551 villages ( Muban ).

In the province there is a city ( เทศบาล เมือง - thesaban Mueang ): Lamphun ( เทศบาล เมือง ลำพูน ). In addition, there are 23 small towns ( เทศบาล ตำบล - thesaban tambon).