Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker ( born August 19, 1939 in Lewisham, London, actually Peter Edward Baker) is an English drummer. Nicknamed the " Ginger" because he wears his red hair.

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Originally for piano and trumpet player, he became a drummer from 1955 to Terry Lightfoot and Mr. Acker Bilk and took lessons with Phil Seamen.

End of the 1950s learned Baker Dick Heckstall -Smith and Alexis Korner know. In 1962 he replaced Charlie Watts on drums in Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated. There he met Jack Bruce, Dick Heckstall -Smith and Graham Bond, with whom he on the Graham Bond Organization founded a short time. Baker took with this formation on two LPs and toured extensively in the UK. Baker also designed the album cover and took care of the financial side of the group. In 1966 he initiated the group Cream with Eric Clapton on guitar and Jack Bruce on bass. In this three - formation, which was considered supergroup in the late 1960s, played for the first time in the history of pop all participating instruments - guitar, bass, drums - on equal footing until then unheard of in pop music extended improvisations.

After the dissolution of Cream Ginger Baker played with Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and Ric Grech in the group Blind Faith, but broke up in September 1969 after the release of the album Blind Faith, followed by a very successful tour again.

1970 Baker had his own band Ginger Baker 's Air Force, but this was disbanded in the spring of 1971. Members were, inter alia, Phil Seamen, Steve Winwood (org, voc), Graham Bond ( org), Ric Grech ( bg, vi), Denny Laine and Chris Wood. With this open formation, in which two drummers and a percussionist who worked to Baker turned to African influences and also relocated to Nigeria. The influence of a close collaboration with Fela Kuti and engagement with African, but also Arab harmonies and rhythms can be heard in later albums such as Middle Passage.

After Ginger Baker 's Air Force, he worked with the brothers Paul and Adrian Gurvitz. Created three albums with the Baker Gurvitz Army. In the following years developed various jazz recordings.

1980 Baker was briefly the band Hawkwind, but which he Levitation left after the album.

1990 Ginger Baker joined the rock group Masters of Reality and played the album Sunrise on the Sufferbus with Chris Goss and Googe one. In 1993, Baker the Masters when they performed in Chains in the opening act of the rock group Alice, and went back to the Polo and his horse breeding. He toured and took CDs with bassist Jonas Hellborg and released an album with the all- star power trio BBM with Jack Bruce and Gary Moore.

In May 2005, there were at London's Royal Albert Hall to a long desired recurrence of the formation Cream, which presented their former repertoire in the original line. The number of concerts was evaluated for a CD and DVD release.

In 2011 he went again after many years with bassist Jonas Hellborg on tour.

2012 came out of the U.S. movie " Beware of Mr. Baker ," a musical biopic of the U.S. director Jay Bulger about the eventful life of Ginger Baker. The 92 -minute documentary was the end of 2013 about renting NFP in the German film art cinema. 2014 is the drummer with his band Ginger Baker's jazz Confusion on tour.

Drumming and instruments

Ginger Baker was one of those drummers who contributed significantly to the dissemination of playing with two bass drums. Although Louie Bellson had invented the double bass playing earlier, but it was only known properly in the popular area of Baker and found many imitators. Today, almost part of the standard of playing drums, although mostly a double pedal replaces the second bass drum.

For double bass drum playing it requires three pedals, it follows a constant change of the left foot between two pedals ( hi -hat and kick pedal for the left bass drum ).

During the period of Cream Baker Gurvitz Army to Ginger Baker played drums Company Ludwig in the color " Silver Sparkle ", now a sought-after vintage drums. Baker used two bass drums, two rack toms and two floor toms, what is referred to as double drums, because it represented exactly double the number of its time actually normal drum sets.

In addition to snare and hi hat used Baker also six, instead of the usual two actually pool. For this, however, he used only three stand as he mounted two pools on a stand. In addition, he had a small splash cymbal and a cowbell mounted.

The drum solo Toad from 1966 ( released on the album Fresh Cream ) shows Bakers dealing with this great drums.

For the Cream reunion concerts in 2005, he played the manufacturer Drum Workshop (DW Drums ), with the same number drum drums, but different structure of the toms.


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