H. Henry Powers

Horace Henry Powers ( * May 29, 1835 in Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont, † December 8, 1913 in Morrisville, Vermont) was an American lawyer and politician. Between 1891 and 1901 he represented the first electoral district of the state of Vermont in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Henry Powers first attended the Peoples Academy and then studied until 1855 at the University of Vermont in Burlington. After studying law and its made ​​in 1858 admitted to the bar he began to work in his new profession 1859-1862 in Hyde Park.

Powers was a member of the Republican Party. In 1858 he was a member of the House of Representatives of Vermont. In the years 1861 and 1862 he served as a prosecutor in Lamoille County. In 1869 he was a member of an advisory committee (Council of Censors ) and in 1870 he was one of a commission that revised the Constitution of Vermont. Between 1872 and 1873 Powers sat in the State Senate and in 1874 he was elected again to the House of Representatives from Vermont, where he became president of the house. Between December 1874 and December 1890 Powers judge of the Vermont Supreme Court was since 1883, he was also curator of the University of Vermont. This office he should hold until his death. In 1892 he participated in Minneapolis as a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

In the congressional elections of 1890 Henry Powers was in the first district of Vermont in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of John Wolcott Stewart on March 4, 1891. After he was confirmed in the following elections in each of its mandate, Powers was able to complete a total of five legislative sessions in Congress until March 3, 1901. Since 1895 he was chairman of the committee that dealt with the railways in the western United States ( Committee on Pacific Railroads ). For the elections of 1900, Powers was not nominated by his party.

After the end of his time in Congress, Henry Powers worked as a lawyer in Morrisville, where he died in 1913.