The community Handrup is a municipality in the Emsland district, in Lower Saxony in Lengerich.

  • 3.1 municipal
  • 3.2 Mayor from 1918
  • 4.1 SV Lengerich - Handrup
  • 4.2 VfL Handrup
  • 8.1 Sons and daughters of the town


Geographical location

Handrup is located about 20 km east of the Ems, the Dortmund- Ems Canal and the city of Lingen. The district Stroot developed in recent years for the new center.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring communities in the north- east, the municipality Wettrup, in the east the municipality Bippen and the city Fuerstenau both in the Samtgemeinde Fuerstenau in the district of Osnabrück, in the south of the town Andervenne in Samtgemeinde Freren and in the west the parish Lengerich.

Community structure

  • Hestrup
  • Village
  • Steppe mountains
  • Last ditch
  • Stroot

Population Development


Parish council

The Municipal Council has nine elected members. He owns as a result of the local elections of 10 September 2006 a party.

  • CDU - 9 seats

Mayor from 1918


SV Lengerich - Handrup

The sports club Lengerich - Handrup was founded in 1946 and has long been the only sports club in the communities Lengerich and Handrup. For further information: Lengerich (Emsland)

VfL Handrup

The Association for Physical Education Handrup was founded on September 20, 1958 exclusively by clergy, teachers and students of Sacred Heart Convent in Handrup. Initially, the sports athletics, ball of thumb and ring tennis were operated. As of 1967, volleyball was played. The volleyball team of VfL Handrup was the first team of the former county Lingen, who took part in competitive matches. Later came the more gymnastic, table tennis, swimming and judo so. In some Judo in Lower Saxony and North German championships were won in the 70s.

From 1973 to 1976, a youth team took part in the operation at point play football, but was unsuccessful, so that football has been left to SV Lengerich - Handrup. Towards the end of the 70 years the association's activities were necessarily smaller, since the number of boarders decreased steadily. At this time could then join the club also residents of the surrounding communities. Since last barely lived in a boarding school, slept the sports activities in the club a whole. The association remained significant.

After consultation with the then club chairman VfL Handrup was taken over by the monastic community. At the first general meeting on 4 March 1988, a new constitution, a new board was elected and approved by the members. The club was now independent and began to build a tennis department.

Today tennis is because the main division of the VfL ​​. Besides tennis club operates today a band, a ladies gym, a volleyball and a jazz dance department.


  • Around 800 BC: The first settlements on the Handruper Esch
  • In 500 BC to 400 AD: new settlements by members of Saxon tribes
  • By 100 BC: Establishment of the first farms in the vicinity of the ash
  • 890 AD first documentary mention in lifting tab of the monastery Will / Ruhr, but as Herst = Hersindrophe, which means like horse village
  • To 950: Inclusion in the parish Lengerich
  • 1619: First measurements of the Esch countries a
  • 1812-1815: suction. French period with constant requisitions
  • 1818: construction of the school
  • 1863: Construction of a teacher's residence
  • 1870: Beginning of the brand division
  • 1911: coupling of Esch countries a
  • 1921-1923: Construction of the monastery
  • 1924: Construction of the church
  • 1931: Presidential elections, result in Handrup: from Hindenburg 355, Hitler 11 votes
  • 1936: Construction of the sports field on the Muhlenberg
  • 1938: refugees from the Sudetenland in Handrup
  • 1945: refugees from East Prussia and Silesia in Handrup
  • 1955: Rebuilding the school
  • 1958: founding of VfL Handrup
  • 1963: Consecration of the three new church bells
  • 1965: land clearing and drainage, design of Eckelschloots
  • 1968: first reconstruction of the church
  • 1971: Founding of the kindergarten for the communities Handrup and Wettrup
  • 1972: Hurricane -like storm with terrible damage
  • 1974: Formation of the Samtgemeinde Lengerich from the communities Bawinkel, Lengerich, barley, Handrup, Langen and Wettrup
  • 1976: 250 years Schützenverein Handrup eV
  • 1982: Village Renewal in Handrup
  • 1984: completion of land consolidation and renovation of villages with a large village festival
  • 1987: " Eiskatastrophe " in Handrup
  • 1988: "refounding " of VfL Handrup
  • 1996: construction of the new elementary school in the vicinity of the monastery
  • 2002: 2 ​​reconstruction of the church


  • Hesemanns mill ( water mill, built in 1811)
  • Sacred Heart Monastery (built 1921-1926 )
  • Sacred Heart parish and monastery church (built 1926-1927 )


Handrup, in addition to a primary school, a secondary school. The gymnasium Leoninum in Handrup is a free, state-approved Catholic school under the auspices of the Sacred Heart priests. It sees itself as a altsprachliches and modern languages ​​high school with a scientific branch. Good 1400 students attend the school in the age groups 5 to 13, of which two thirds come from the district of Emsland and a third from the district of Osnabrück. On Leoninum work 100 teachers and four priests who belong to the Congregation of the Sacred Heart priests.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hesemann Clemens (1897-1981), German politician ( CDU), Member of Parliament, Member of Parliament (Lower Saxony)