• Swedish Champion 1995, 2004, 2008, 2010

HV71 was founded on May 24, 1971 by the merger of the two clubs Huskvarna IF and IF Vätterstads which came from suburbs Jönköping, which is why the club first entered the name Husqvarna / Vätterstads IF. But in the same year the short form HV71 was appointed official club name. For the first time in Sweden's highest league, the Elitserien HV71 succeeded in 1979, but went straight off again. Since 1985, the club is now consistently a member of the Elitserien and since the turn of the millennium belongs to at least one of the top clubs in Sweden. End of the 90s wore HV71 for a short time known as the " Blue Bulls ".

1995, 2004 and 2008 HV71 won by victories in the play-off final, the Swedish Championship. Furthermore, one first has twice after the main round of the Elitserien 2003 / 04 and 2005/06.

HV71 occupied the last place in 1995, which is still eligible to play-off participation. Eventually, however, the championship could still be celebrated in Jönköping. It was the first and only time that the table Eighth Champion. When finals Quarterfinals 2004, HV71 to a new record, as in the game against MoDo Hockey seven goals could be achieved in one-third. In the semifinals, HV71 Frölunda HC in the final beat and put it against Färjestad BK by.

Attacker: Johan Davidsson, Peter Ekelund, Stefan Falk, Tomas Gustafsson, Peter Hammarström, Esa Keskinen, Patric Kjellberg, Johan Lindbom, Thomas Ljungbergh, Stefan Örnskog, Marko Palo, Magnus Salmi, Mathias Svedberg, Ove Thörnberg

Head Coach: Sune Bergman

Attacker: Johan Davidsson, Peter Ekelund, David Fredriksson, Jani Hassinen, Stefan Hellkvist, Anders Huusko, Andreas Jämtin, Pasi Määttänen, Sebastian Meijer, Björn Melin, Mattias Remstam, Kalle Sahlstedt, Per- Åge Skrøder, Martin Thörnberg

Head Coach: Pär Marts

Goalkeepers: Andreas Andersson, Stefan Liv

Goalkeepers: Andreas Andersson, Stefan Liv

Defender: Adam Almqvist, Johan Björk, Daniel Grillfors, Per Gustafsson, Janne Niinimaa, David Petrasek, Pasi Puistola, Nichlas Torp, Lance Ward, Jesper Williamsson

Attacker: Kris Beech, Johan Davidsson, Andreas Falk, Teemu Laine, Per Ledin, Johan Lindström, Johan Linnander, Björn Melin, Simon Önerud, Andre Petersson, Oscar Sundh, Mattias Tedenby, Martin Thörnberg, David Ullström, Jukka Voutilainen

Head coach Janne Karlsson

Season Statistics

Legend: = Sp games; S = Wins; N = Losses; D = Draw; Pts = Points; GD = Goal; Ggt = Goals against

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