List of national parks of Norway

Norway has designated 43 national parks, of which 36 are in the mainland and seven on Svalbard (Spitzbergen ). Norway's first Rondane National Park was inaugurated in 1962. By 2012, more national parks were taken with a total protected area of ​​approximately 65,000 km ². The total area of ​​the National Park on the mainland is 31,057 km ², and thus 7% of the total area of the Norwegian mainland. The total area of ​​the national park on Spitsbergen is 34,345 km ², of which the land area 14,487 km ², and thus 24 % of the total Spitsbergens

National parks in Norway provide sanctuaries medium protection level dar. Strenger only protected nature reserves, national parks are but usually include a larger area. The management of national parks in Norway is carried out by the Directorate for Nature Management.

Norwegian National Park Plan

The Storting adopted in 1993 a new national park plan to the existing 18 national parks provided for in addition to the designation of approximately 23,000 km ² protected areas (national parks and other large protected areas). As early as 1991 the Jostedalsbreen national park was established on the basis of this plan. Other National Parks followed until ten years later with the opening of Forollhogna National Park in 2001 and another 15 by 2009. The plan was originally the creation of six other national parks before, were being already opened with the Sjunkhatten and the Rohkunborri National Park two of them, in the other Archiving has begun the plan and consultation procedures.

The national park plan in conformity with the Nature Conservation Act of 1970, the expulsion of three different protected areas before:

  • National Parks: Large, relatively unspoiled landscapes. Purpose is the preservation of the valuable nature and the preservation of opportunities for leisure and recreation.
  • Landscape protection areas: Unique or beautiful natural or cultural landscapes.
  • Nature Reserves: Small, untouched areas, which represent a specific habitat and are of scientific or educational interest.

On Svalbard, the Nature Conservation Act and the National Park Plan will not apply. The establishment of national parks on the island group is controlled by Svalbardumweltschutzgesetz. In 1998, the landscape protection on Svalbard has been re-evaluated. Eight new protected areas were a result, between 2001 and 2005 reported.

National parks in Norway hovedlandet ( mainland )

National parks in Svalbard (Spitzbergen )

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