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Qormi (pronounced Oor'mie ), also known as Hal Qormi or Città Pinto, a town in Malta is It is located southwest of Valletta, in the interior of the island of Malta. The neighboring towns of Qormi are Marsa, Luqa and Żebbuġ. Qormi is located southeast of the main street of Mdina to Valletta.

The patron saint of Qormi are St. George and St. Sebastian. In summer the population celebrates their patron saint for 2 weeks. The city is also known for its Good Friday processions, where every year more than 500 people to attend.

The area was already inhabited in the Bronze Age. Some tombs that were found in the last century, suggest that the Phoenicians have driven the population at that time trading. In the 15th century Qormi established itself as one of Malta's first parish and at that time had the largest parish church in Malta.

The population of Qormi grew in the 18th century and Manuel Pinto de Fonseca, Grand Master of the Order of Malta, she was awarded city status on May 25, 1743rd As most of the interior of the island of Malta Qormi is densely populated.

Previously Qormi was also Casal Fornaro called ( paints for: baker village), because there were a large number of bakeries. In the town the bread for most of Malta was baked.

Qormi today

Qormi is a city council (Local Council) ruled that was established after the " Local Council Act" in 1993.

Qormis Parish holds a radio station, " Bastjanizi FM". Likewise, there are the " Qormi Basketball Club", one of the best Maltese basketball teams, and the " Qormi Hockey Club ", as well as the football club " Qormi FC".

Qormi is now one of the most important centers of Malta for Trade and Industry.


  • Ġorġ Abela ( b. 1948 ), politician
  • John Dalli ( born 1948 ), politician