Rasina District

Okrug Rasina (Serbian Расински округ, Rasinski okrug ) is a local government district in central Serbia.

It consists of the following municipalities ( opstine ):

This district has, according to the 2002 census, a population of 259 441. The main administrative center is the city of Kruševac.

In the area of Kruševac, there are many historical sites, such as " Lazar's city " and the church Lazarica that are very well preserved and are part of the medieval Serbian architecture. The church was built in 1376 Lazarica occasion of the birth of Lazar Hrebeljanovićs son Stefan. The construction of this church was the prototype of the Moravska school.

The Donjon tower ( donjon Kula ) is a medieval military fortress. The monastery Ljubostinja was built by Princess Milica, Lazar's wife in the late 14th century, shortly after the Battle of Kosovo Polje and after her resignation as ruler and dedicated to the widows of the fallen in the battle men. From the beginning, the monastery played an important cultural role.

The economic focus of the district provide enterprises of the chemical industry: " Merima ", " Miloje Zakić " and " Zupa ". Also very strong presence is the metal industry " 14 Oktobar " in Kruševac and" Crvena Zastava " in agriculture and forestry.

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