Toplica District

Toplica ( Топлички округ / Toplički okrug ) is a local government district and extends in the southern part of Serbia.

It consists of the following municipalities ( opstine ):

This district has, according to 2011 census has a population of 90,600. The main administrative center is the city Prokuplje.

The Hisar is a mountain behind the town Prokuplje and stands for the symbol of the city. At its foot is a castle, " Jug Bogdan ", which is named after an alleged hero of the Battle of Kosovo Polje.

The church of Sv. Prokopije from the 10th century stands in Prokupljes environment. There is also a Roman Catholic church close to them and shows the influence of Italian pilgrims in the 15th and 16th centuries.

There is no strong industry factors in this district. The most well-known are " Prokupac ", a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, " Hissar ", a food manufacturer, " FOM ", a metal factory and " Topličanka ", a cotton factory.

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