Volleyball at the 1988 Summer Olympics

At the Olympic Summer Games in Seoul in 1988 in volleyball tournaments for men and women were discharged.

  • 4.1 Preliminary
  • 4.2 Final Round
  • 5.1 Men
  • 5.2 Women


In the men's twelve teams qualified for the Olympic tournament. South Korea was set to host the USA as the defending champion. Bulgaria came as reigning vice-champion, the Soviet Union as a finalist of the World Cup 1985. Tunisia (Africa ), Japan ( Asia ), France ( Europe) and Brazil ( South America) qualified through continental preliminaries. Argentina, Sweden and the Netherlands won at other tournaments. Italy took the place of the Cubans who do not competed for a boycott.

In the women's eight qualified teams.


For men, the twelve qualified teams were drawn into two groups of six participants. The preliminary round was " every man for himself " played according to the mode. The top two teams from each group met in the semifinals cross each other. The remaining teams played from positions five to twelve.

For women, there were two groups of four participants. The top two teams from each group met in the semifinals cross each other. The remaining teams played from positions five to eight.

The Games were held in Seoul from September 17 to October 2. The venues were the Hanyang University Gymnasium, the Saemaul Sports Hall and the Jamsil Students' High School in Seoul Sports Complex.

Schedule Men

Preliminary round

The two semi-final places in Group A secured the reigning European champion from the Soviet Union and Brazil, which could decide the direct duel in five sets for itself. In group B dominated the undefeated defending champion from the United States. Argentina filed three wins and the better rate ratio against France to the semi-finals.

Final round

In the semifinals on September 30, the Brazilians against the Americans had no chance to re- moved in order to the final four years ago. Final opponent was the Soviet selection that Argentina also clearly defeated in three sets. Argentina chose the South American duel for the bronze medal against Brazil for itself. In the final on 2 October, the Americans triumphed over the Soviet Union and thus repeated their Olympic victory of 1984.

Schedule women

Preliminary round

In the opening match of Group A Japan the Soviet Union could just defeat ( 19:17 in the tiebreak ), had the Soviet choice but because of the poorer rate ratio to win the group but still left. The East German team in the previous year at the European Championships yet triumphant over the Soviet Union, however, missed the semi-finals and was with only one win against Japan last group. In group B, Peru dominated with three wins in three games. China also reached the semifinals, while Brazil remained winless.

Final round

The GDR selection achieved with two wins against the USA and Brazil in fifth place. In the semi-finals on 27 September, the Soviet Union won without problems against China and moved with it to the final. The same managed the team from Peru who fought against Japan the third 3-2 victory in a row. The Asian battle for the bronze medal ruled China for themselves. In the final on September 29, Peru experienced a game again until the tiebreak, but this time the South Americans lost to the Soviet women.