Volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympics

At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta in indoor volleyball tournaments for men and women were discharged.

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  • 4.2 Final Round
  • 5.1 Men
  • 5.2 Women


Twelve teams qualified for the men and women for the Olympic tournament. The U.S. was set as host. The top three teams at the World Cup in 1995 qualified as well. In Africa, Europe and North and South America continental preliminaries were held, the winners in Sydney were there. The last places were awarded in three tournaments in May 1996.


The mode was the same in women and men.

The twelve qualified teams were drawn into two groups of six participants. The preliminary round was " every man for himself " played according to the mode. The top four teams in each group reached the quarter- finals. Then we went in a simple knockout system on to the finals.

The Games were held in Atlanta from July 20 to August 4. The venue was the University of Georgia.

Schedule Men

Preliminary round

In Group A, Cuba lost after four wins only the last game against Brazil and secured the first place. The Brazilians managed as well as Bulgaria and Argentina three wins, which gave the quarter-finals for all three teams for collection. The U.S. could not use their home advantage and secreted together with Poland from after the first round.

In group B, the unbeaten Italy dominated. The Netherlands conceded in the big game against Southern Europeans their only defeat in the first round. In addition, Yugoslavia and Russia were able to qualify for the next round. For the underdogs South Korea and Tunisia, the tournament was ended after the group stage.

Final round

In the quarterfinals on July 31, Yugoslavia defeated the defending champion Brazil in five sets. Also, Argentina and Cuba failed due to the dominance of the Europeans. In the semifinals on August 2, the Dutch managed a decisive victory against Russia. Yugoslavia failed to Italy, but secured then the bronze medal. In an exciting final triumph on August 4, the silver medalist of 1992. Netherlands were first Olympic champion.

Schedule women

Preliminary round

In Group A, the unbeaten China took first place in front of the host. The Netherlands and South Korea were also able to qualify for the quarter-finals. Japan and Ukraine dropped out after the first round.

In group B, the German women acquired after the defeat against Russia two victories against the Mavericks Peru and Canada. Against the top teams from Cuba and Russia, they were, however, a chance. Nevertheless, it was enough to progress to the next round. Brazil secured against Russia and Cuba the first place. Canada and Peru adopted after the group stage.

Final round

In the quarter- finals on 30 July, the German team lost to China. The following classification matches against the Netherlands and the United States lost the women of the DVV also and at the end they finished eighth. Defending champion Cuba defeated after the quarter-final victory against the hosts in the semifinals on August 1, Brazil, which subsequently won bronze. The Chinese women won the other semi-final against Russia. In the final game on August 3, Cuba was able to successfully defend his title and win the gold medal again.



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