Albigna lake

The Albigensian Nasee is an artificial lake in the Swiss municipality in the canton of Grisons Vicosoprano. The lake is located 2163 meters above sea level and has a maximum depth of 108 m.

You can reach the reservoir from the Bergell. From the hamlet Pranzaira you can visit the lake with a cable car or you climb the 1000 vertical meters on foot.

Nestling of the lake between the Piz dal Pal is ( 2618 m above sea level. M. ), the Punta da l' Albigna ( 2893 m above sea level. M. ) and Piz Cacciabella ( 2980 m above sea level. M. ). South of the lake of Albignagletscher used to extend to the shore.


Was completed, the dam Albigna 1959.




Dam of the reservoir above Albigna Vicosoprano