Bogotol (Russian Боготол ) is a town in Krasnoyarsk (Russia) with 21 051 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city lies on the southern flank of the northern foothills of the Argakammes, about 250 km west of the regional capital of Krasnoyarsk, at the mouth of the river of the same name in the Chulym, a right tributary of the Ob.

The city is under the administrative Bogotol directly as a city district of the region and also the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons (but not part thereof).

Bogotol is located on the Trans-Siberian Railway ( 3846 line kilometers from Moscow) and the highway M53 Novosibirsk - Krasnoyarsk - Irkutsk.


A village called Bogotol was created in 1762 ( named after the river, bogotu from the tribal name of settling in the area ketene and the ketischen ul word for river). As of 1893, the Trans-Siberian Railway was a few miles north past the station and opened in 1898 Bogotol. The fast-growing station settlement could soon be using the old village and received 1911 inventory of the circle Marinsk of the government Tomsk city law. 1925 Bogotol Rajonsverwaltungszentrum within the former district Atschinsk, later in the Krasnoyarsk region.


Note: ( rounded 1897) from 1897 census data

Culture and sights

Bogotol has a historical- ethnographic museum.


In addition to companies of mechanical engineering (tools, repair of railway wagons since the 1970s ), there are companies in the food industry.

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