Shushenskoe (Russian Шушенское ) is an urban-type settlement in Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, Russia ( October 14, 2010 status ) with 17,513 residents.


Shushenskoe situated 85 km south-east of Abakan, the capital of the autonomous neighboring republic of Khakassia in Minusinsk basin at the foot of Westsajan near the mouth of the eponymous river Schusch in the Yenisei.

The dam is named after the mountain range and place Sayano - Schuschensker reservoir with one of the world's biggest hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of 6400 MW is in operation since 1978, some 70 km upstream.

Shushenskoe is the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons.


The village Shushenskoe was founded in 1728 by Cossacks as a fortified settlement ( according to other sources 1744). Mentioned in 1771 by the German explorer Peter Simon Pallas.

In the 19th century it served as a political exile, so for Decembrists, participants of the Polish November Uprising of 1830 and Populists. May 8, 1897 to January 29, 1900, Lenin was in Shushenskoe in exile. For this reason, the place in the Soviet time " pilgrimage " for over a hundred thousand people a year was.

1960, the status of an urban-type settlement was awarded.


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Culture and sights

1930 Lenin's house was transformed from the time of his banishment to a museum. In 1970 it was extended on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Lenin to a large to six and a half acres of land open air museum. In addition to the houses, in which Lenin and later lived alone ( from 7 May 1898) with his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya, you can visit there in 1900 is also an old general store, an inn, a police station and a prison out of time.

This museum also exists today, but the focus now is on the Siberian architecture and lifestyle. Only one house is dedicated to Lenin; here is, among other things, his desk to admire.

To the south and south-east of the town extends one of the two parts of the National Park Schuschenski Bor The park office is located at Shushenskoe.

Since 2003, the annual festival of ethnic music " Sayan Ring " ( " Sajanskoje Kolzo " ) will be held in Shushenskoe.


In addition to tourism, there are in Shushenskoe mainly companies in the food industry.

The place is connected by a 60 km long fixed road link with the nearest railway station on the South Siberian Railway Minusinsk Abakan Taischet and the Russian road network.

A small civilian airfield about 6 km north-east of the town ( ICAO code unau ), in Kasanzewo is not currently serviced regularly.