Bucaramanga on the map of Santander

Bucaramanga is the capital of the province of Santander in Colombia. It is located northeast of Bogotá and has one of the most prestigious technical universities in the region. With its suburbs ( Floridablanca ) and slums of the city has about one million inhabitants, while in the purely urban area around 580,000 people (2005 ).

Bucaramanga called La ciudad bonita de Colombia ( the beautiful city of Colombia '). Bucaramanga has many public parks and many green areas. Bucaramanga has the fifth largest city with suburbs of Colombia ( Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla ).

Bucaramanga is the seat of the Archdiocese of Bucaramanga.

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Geographical location

The city is situated on a plateau, the Meseta de Bucaramanga, which is bounded on the east by a mountain range and on the west by the gorge of the Rio de Oro.

The city has major problems with erosion at the edges of the plateau, especially in its western part.


The city is divided into 17 administrative parts ( " Comunas " ) divided. 1 Norte 2 Nororiente 3 San Francisco 4 Occidente García Rovira 5 6 7 Concordia Ciudadela Real de Minas Suroccidente 8 9 10 Pedregosa Provenza 11 Sur 12 Cabecera del Llano Oriente 13 14 15 Morrorico. Centro 16 Lagos del Cacique 17 Mutis.

The economic center of the city, the so-called Cabecera, several shopping centers, shops, bars and even has - for Colombia rare - a pedestrian. In recent years, the town district La Florida has emerged as a new center gradually getting better.


The mean annual temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and the mean annual precipitation 1041 mm.

Metropolitan area

With the formation of metropolitan areas, the Colombian government is trying to control the planning and arrangements close -spaced cities. These form a core city and several adjacent and dependent on these core cities city a planning region. Bucaramanga in 1981 metropolitan region with the towns of Floridablanca and Girón. Came in 1985, still Piedecuesta it.

Economy and infrastructure

Industry and Trade

Bucaramanga has a modern exhibition center, CENFER take place several times a year on the regional and national fairs and exhibitions. The economic power of lives mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises.


From here the main roads leading to the North East to Cucuta in the north to Santa Marta and south to Tunja and Bogotá. The city has its own airport (Palo Negro). The train station of Bucaramanga is today probably because of prostration recumbent railway Colombia from a slum boards castles. In addition, there is a public bus system called Bucaramanga Metrolínea modeled after the TransMilenio of Bogotá, which acts in addition to numerous private bus companies.


The most famous football club in the city is Atlético Bucaramanga, which plays its home games at the Estadio Alfonso López. The greatest success was reaching the runner-up in 1996/97. Currently the club plays in the second division, however.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Julian Leal, a Colombian race car driver
  • Omar Gomez Rey, a Colombian painter
  • Horacio Serpa, politicians