Chevrolet Beretta

Chevrolet Beretta (1987-1996)

The Chevrolet Beretta was a by the American car manufacturer Chevrolet from 1987 to 1996 produced front-wheel drive coupe the middle class.

Beretta L based on the platform of General Motors; its sister model was available as a staged or hatchback Chevrolet Corsica.


In the summer of 1987 Chevrolet introduced the models Beretta and Corsica as a successor to the Chevrolet Citation. The Beretta was a four- seat coupe in moderate wedge shape, initially only in one version and are powered by a two-liter four-cylinder or a 2.8 -liter V6.

Was released in 1989 as an additional version of the Beretta GT with standard V6 and sports suspension. In the course of the model year, the program was extended to the Beretta GTU, who received the V6 grille in body color and a Spoiler-/Schweller-Paket from the factory.

The Beretta GTU was replaced in model year 1990 through the Beretta GTZ, which was powered by a 183 -hp version of the so-called GM Quad Four - four- cylinder with dual overhead camshafts and 16 valves. This model also had the spoiler and side skirts, but in a relation to the GTU revised, more modest style. The four-cylinder in the base model gained strength from 91 to 96, the V6 from 127 to 137 hp.

In 1991, a 2.2 - liter inline four-cylinder with 96 hp unchanged to replace the previous two- liter, the 2.8-liter made ​​a 3.1 -liter V6 court and Driver supplemented the standard equipment.

1992, the performance of the four- cylinder increased thanks to multipoint injection to 112 HP.

In the 1994 model year, a new sport version called Beretta Z26 replaced the previous GT and GTZ; has driven the new variant from the reduced-power to 177 hp Quad Four - Sixteen -valve.

1995 accounted for the Quad Four, instead, the Beretta Z26 served on the 157 hp 3.1 -liter V6 accommodated.

From Beretta Chevrolet turned to 1996 a total of approximately 905,000 pieces here.

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