A Wienermobile is a like a hot dog -shaped vehicle. Since 1936, the vehicles are as an advertising medium for Oscar Mayer products across the United States of America on the road, only interrupted by fuel rationing during the Second World War.


The first car was built in 1936 by the nephew of the founder, Carl G. Mayer, developed. The design has been adapted to each of the modern technology in the course of years. From 1950, it was based on a Willys Jeep. The car drove to shops, schools, orphanages and children's hospitals and participated in parades and festivals. From 1969, the vehicles were based on a Chevrolet, in the 1970s there were variations in glass fiber reinforced plastic. Since 2000, the cars with a 5.7 liter V8 from GM are operated. Currently there are six Wiener Mobile in use; indistinguishable to the mark: "Yummy", "Big Bun ", " Our Dog", "Hot Dog ", " Weenr " and " Oscar".