Chevrolet Brookwood

Chevrolet Brookwood was the name of several wagons that were built in model years 1958 to 1972 by Chevrolet.

Year by year


1958 Brookwood was introduced as a combined model of Biscayne in the middle price segment. This year there was the Brookwood as a 5- door station wagon with 6 or 9 seats.

1959 Chevrolet offered its entry-level model of the previous year, the Del Ray - and thus also its combination model Yeoman - not more. This was the Biscayne and in connection with it the Brookwood to the entry-level model of the brand. The Brook Woode there was now a 3 - or 5- door station wagon, but only with six seats. The 3- door wagon was to become the basis of the newly introduced 1959 El Camino. Unlike the Brookwood could order the El Camino in different trim levels corresponding to the total car model range (including the Impala ).

1960 Chevrolet offered to the same model range. 1961 was drained the 3- door station wagon; for the nine- seater came back. From 1962, no longer offered on the Chevrolet Brookwood station wagon and the brand were called back as her limousine counterparts: Biscayne, Bel Air and Impala.


In model year 1969 again each Chevrolet station got its own, different from the sedan series name. The Brookwood was again the combination of Biscayne and thus the cheapest combination model, followed by the Townsman, the Kingswood and Kingswood Estate. The Brookwood could be ordered with a six-cylinder engine or a V8 engine. 1970 changed the styling of the car was not much, just the six-cylinder engine was no longer available and the front of the vehicle was slightly modified so that the had to give up curved bumper of the previous year a more traditional arrangement.

1971 Chevrolet completely revamped its larger models, and hence the Brookwood. He also got the new rear door of GM with electric windows. Unlike the rear doors of the model years 1969 and 1970 in the 1971 model had to disappear into the roof of the rear window, while the rear door was driven even under the cargo floor. After customer complaints about difficulties in moving the heavy rear doors manually GM paid his lower-priced models with electric actuation.

Located in the model year 1971 were all big station wagons, including the Brookwood, previously subject to surcharge Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission as standard. But even before almost all Brookwood were ordered with the automatic transmission, though they were designed as more affordable models.

In 1972 the Brookwood also the new front styling of the Chevrolet and could be ordered with a lot of extras, such as four large wheel covers or vinyl roof. 1972 Chevrolet offered to the 4- door sedan and 5-door Brookwood combo in the Biscayne series.

1973 was Chevrolet Biscayne and Brookwood in the U.S. disappear from the model range. Only in Canada, a sedan and a station wagon under the name Biscayne were offered until 1975.

From 1969 to 1972, Brookwood was built in Oshawa assembly plant in Ontario.


Pictures of Chevrolet Brookwood