Chevrolet Kingswood Estate

The Chevrolet Kingswood Estate was a station wagon, the Chevrolet from 1969 to 1972 produced. From the simpler model Kingswood he differed with his imitation wood on the sides of the vehicle and the rear door, as well as a more luxurious interior. In a small number of 1969 models, there were also at the request covered headlights. The car based on the GM B platform and it was only with V8 engines. His counterpart was the Caprice limousine and from 1973 was also the model Chevrolet Caprice Estate. Back then it was the top model in the combined range of Chevrolet.

In the model years 1969 and 1970 the Kingswood Estate was - like all great combos of Chevrolet - equipped with a rear door that could be opened either to the side or above. Opened the door sideways, the rear bumper was provided with a recess to facilitate the passengers of the third bench boarding and loading of the roof rack available on request. In the model years 1971 and 1972 we changed the design of the tailgate of the new " clam " pattern, in which the rear window disappeared in the roof and the rest of the back door under the floor.

Pictures of Chevrolet Kingswood Estate