Chevrolet Celebrity

Chevrolet Celebrity Sedan (1981-1984)

The Chevrolet Celebrity was a built by the end of 1981 by the American car brand Chevrolet until mid-1990 model of the middle class.

The Celebrity was based on the A platform of General Motors and was closely related to the Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Pontiac 6000 and the Buick Century.

The models of the A- platform with front wheel drive broke introduced for model year 1978, for the first time reduced middle class models on the A platform with rear wheel drive from ( Chevrolet Malibu, Buick Century, Pontiac Le Mans and Oldsmobile Cutlass ). Their coupe variants were, however, continued for several years, as well as the station wagon versions ( until the appearance of the front-wheel drive successor ).

Compared to the older A- platform models of the new generation were again smaller, lighter and more economical.

Model history

In early 1982, presented Chevrolet new Celebrity, which was based on the A platform with front-wheel drive General Motors and therefore sister model of the Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Buick Century and Pontiac 6000 was, as successor to the Chevrolet Malibu with a limousine and station wagon variants to model 1983 remained parallel in the program.

Offered initially as a two-door was the Celebrity coupe and four-door sedan in a single trim level with 2.5 - line four-cylinder and 2.8 -liter V6. For the model year 1983, a 4.3- liter diesel V6 came in addition to the program.

In model year 1984, the Celebrity program was complemented by a five-door station wagon and the Malibu finally stopped. At the same time the Celebrity received a facelift with new front end and the equipment version, Euro Sport with matt black detailing and a sports suspension came into the program. For sedans and coupes a high-output version of the six-cylinder engine with 104 kW (141 hp) was available.

In 1987, the Celebrity a renewed facelift with a modified grille. The diesel engine was omitted. The rectangular dual headlights gave way to new, now legally permitted broadband headlights. The four-cylinder won by a new intake manifold and lighter piston 6 kW ( 8 hp ) was added, as well as the V6.

The end of 1988 was canceled the Celebrity coupe from the program. Mid-1989 was followed by the sedan.

1990 Celebrity was only offered as a station wagon, the other versions were replaced by the larger Chevrolet Lumina.

From 1997, a smaller mid-size model was offered with the Chevrolet Malibu again.

Chevrolet Celebrity Sedan (1987-1989)

Chevrolet Celebrity Wagon (1987-1990)


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