Georges Miez

Georges Kitty ( born October 2, 1904 in Töss, today Winterthur; † 21 April 1999 in Savosa ), civil Georg Kitty, was a Swiss gymnast. With a total of four gold, three silver and one bronze medal, he is the most successful Olympic athletes of Switzerland.

He was born with the German name Georg, took part in the competitions with the French first name Georges and was in his adopted homeland, the Ticino later known as Giorgio. He grew up in the attic of a farmhouse in the neighborhood Eichliacker on the then still independent Töss. Started with the regular club gymnastics has Kitty with 13 years in the TV Töss, where he met Melchior Wezel, who would later attend the Olympic Games in 1924 with him. After leaving school he served an apprenticeship with the " Loki ", but did not want to stay on the profession from the beginning later. During his apprenticeship, he attended various sports meetings, so celebrated 18 years in Kreuzlingen by winning the inter-cantonal Turnfest his first tournament victory.

His long Olympic career began as a 19- year-old at the Summer Olympic Games in Paris in 1924. He participated in all nine competitions, but only won a bronze medal as a member of the Swiss team competition; besides, he was fifth on high bar.

The highlight of his career he reached at the Summer Olympics in Amsterdam in 1928, where he won three gold medals and one bronze. He won the competition on the high bar, in the individual all-around and the team all-around and the silver medal at the Pommel Horse, just behind his Swiss teammate Hermann Hänggi. He also achieved a fourth place in the horse jump.

At the Summer Olympics in 1932 in Los Angeles, he was the only Swiss Turner, what his participation opportunities restricted. When he, at the bottom, just won the silver medal in his best discipline, he renounced further competitions. In Berlin at the 1936 Summer Olympics Kitty finally won the gold medal still on the ground as well as silver in the team all-around.

Kitty was also in 1934 in Budapest World Champion on the floor. Later he sat engaged for gymnastics one, especially for the youth sports and that women could play sports.