Valentin Muratov

Valentin Ivanovich Muratov (Russian Валентин Иванович Муратов; born July 30, 1928 in Serpukhov, † October 6, 2006 in Moscow) was a successful Soviet Turner.


Muratov was a member of Burewestnik Sports Association and was the 1952 Soviet squad at the Summer Olympics in Helsinki. There he won with his team the gold medal in the team all-around. The World Championships in Artistic Gymnastics in the Italian capital Rome two years later ran for him also very successful because he was able to win four medals. Due to this good performance is nominated him again in 1956 for the Olympic Games in Melbourne. Muratov it was able to increase his previous achievements yet and won both the floor exercise and in the jump and at the team's all-around gold and beyond the rings gymnastics silver medal, which made him one of the most successful athletes in the Games.

Valentin Muratov was married to Sofia Ivanovna Muratowa and died a few days after his wife.